Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dust Hampers the Decision

First, let me state this: I really like Target. Beyond the fact they are Minnesota-based, Target consistently provides a clean, pleasant shopping experience not found in its competitors. As a bonus, there's always a bit of style thrown in.

But, as with any good relationship, they do have a few flaws. (I've written about them here and here.) While these don't fully jeopardize our bond, each of these experiences slowly chips away at my heretofore unwavering enthusiasm for the Target brand. (Don't even get me started on their new "Up & Up" house brand launched last fall…)

My latest encounter with discomfort and disappointment with Target was earlier this month. I was shopping for a water purifier/dispenser; an existing one no longer worked well in a new refrigerator. Off to Target I went.

Arriving in the aisle with water purifiers, I was astounded to see this:

Nearly the full collection of water purifiers -- pitchers, dispensers, etc. halfway down the aisle -- were covered in dust. We're not talking about wee flecks here. The boxes and display samples had a serious layer of dust. This photo truly does not do it justice, but you get the idea.

This is someone might expect to see in the old hardware store around the corner. But a major retailer?! Target?!!

To make matters worse, these were water purifiers. Dust, grime, finger prints -- not things one wants to associate with pure, fresh drinking water.

In disbelieve, I wandered off to browse across the store in Electronics. Imagine my surprise to see another set of dusty product boxes:

With the number of employees roaming a Target store morning, noon, and night, I cannot believe these messes would go unnoticed. Target, without a doubt, has high standards. Perhaps, however, their employees aren't universally attuned to notice these details.

In the end, sure, I bought the water dispenser from Target. But I've also told several people about the experience and now share it publicly with a larger audience.

These details matter.


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Drew said...

A little dust and people don't want to buy a product? I suppose in our society we like to think that what we are buying is new, not some dusty thing that has been on a shelf for a year - even though thats the case with so many things.