Friday, September 25, 2009

Designing for Women: Femme Den

The focus of this month's issue of Fast Company is "Masters of Design" (MD). If, perchance, you have not picked it up/read it, please do.

Among the featured people/groups in the MD feature is Femme Den, "an internal think tank at Smart Design... helping companies tap the $2 trillion female market."

This issue contains a number of articles/call outs about Femme Den and their work and influence. But to cut-to-the-chase, the key take-away is here:

Femme Den's Five Tenets of Designing for Women | Link

1. Emphasize benefits over features
2. Learn her body
3. Craft a cohesive story
4. Identify a spot on the spectrum
5. Remember her life stages

One might challenge the notion that good design can/should be gender-specific. And like many things, there is still a lot of catching up to do from the old school world of male-centered design.

But much like our earlier post discussing adaptive design, everyone can benefit. Here is a take from Femme Den member, Yvonne Lin:

Designing for Gender, When One Or Both Parties Reap the Rewards
The most successful products are designed for one sex but embraced by both. Link

[And I adamantly deny the point made about the Dyson vacuum...]

The Fast Company bits-N-pieces on Femme Den are extremely insightful. See the full collection here:

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