Friday, May 29, 2009

An Engaging Book Experience

Though it's been out for a number of years now, I just recently stumbled upon this book from Nick Bantock: Urgent 2nd Class: Creating Curious Collage, Dubious Documents, and Other Art from Ephemera. Link

[You may know Bantock's Griffin & Sabine trilogy, a tremendous series of books about a romantic correspondence between two people across time and space. What sets these books apart is Bantock's extraordinary artwork and, like an engaging 3D book, letters and cards you actually open to read. (The sneaky aspect of peering through this handwritten exchange adds another level of curiosity and pleasure.)

My favorite of his books are Paris Out of Hand and The Forgetting Room. The latter is the story of a man uncovering the mystery of his grandfather's past about which Booklist calls, " elegant and dreamy illustrated novel about one man's spiritual and aesthetic awakening."]

So why write about Nick Bantock in a blog about Experience?

Quite simply, because his books provide a rich, multi-sensory experience -- he transforms the passive reader into an interactive participant in a visually pleasing, tactile world of the story.

But back to the main point of this post...

Urgent 2nd Class peeks behind the scenes at the work of Nick Bantock and how he creates his art. A "how to" book for those with willing spirits.

Chapters include: "Faux Mail", "Dubious Documents", Maps, Handwriting and Type, and "Commercial Ephemera."

If you're not familiar with Bantock's work, begin here:

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