Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Marketing the Ultimate Product

Came across a new (for me) site over this past weekend, Webdesigner Depot.

The post that caught my attention was this:

30 Artistic and Creative Résumés

Browsing down through the various examples is fascinating, even inspiring. This is a nut I've been interested in cracking for a long time: How does one break through the ordinary, black-N-white world of resume clutter in a creative, impactful way?

Almost more interesting than this gallery of CVs is the comments section that follows.

First, there is the discussion about readability, typography, and format.

But also, you'll find the classic debate about the potential response to this type of resume in a company Human Resources department or hiring managers. Would many of these gatekeepers reject this non-traditional approach?

An example -- BJ Neilsen says:

"Most of these completely miss the point of a resume. When hiring, I don’t want to see a resume convoluted with design elements. Give me a sheet of data nicely typed with good leading in a readable typeface. Then give me a portfolio folder. Don’t do both in one, it defeats the purpose of both."

I disagree. In today's hyper-competitive job market, it's all about differentiation, breaking through the clutter. Of course, there has to be substance as well -- "creative" means nothing if it is not meaningful.

The question I'd ask -- would I want to work for an organization that doesn't "get", or isn't intrigued, by a unique approach?

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