Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"Emotionally Intelligent Signage" from Dan Pink

Trash cans at the California Academy of Sciences;
Photo by Jennifer Caleshu via the Dan Pink blog

On his blog, Daniel Pink has been running an excellent series of entries on "Emotionally Intelligent Signage." Category Link

These are signs that take into account the perspective of the reader rather than, in many cases, the enforcers. Signage with empathy, if you will.

This example above shows a set of trash cans, from the California Academy of Sciences, that presents people not just with choices, but the result of their choices. Brilliant!

What are examples of signs/messages which annoy or inspire?

A common one in my neighborhood is the "No Soliciting" sign found on front doors of homes and businesses. I'd prefer something like:

Friends & Neighbors are Welcome.
Solicitors are not.

Other ideas?

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