Friday, June 26, 2009

Itty-Bitty, Unreadable Signage

Among my greatest pet peeves is, in fact, the term "pet peeve."

But another -- in retail and service settings -- is signage that is way too small.

Most often, it's the minuscule Visa and/or MasterCard store hours posted on too many retailers' doors. These stickers are barely visible from the curb, let alone standing an arm's length away.

But yesterday, it was restroom signage.

I was hanging out with colleagues yesterday afternoon on the dock of a great eating & drinking establishment right on beautiful Lake Minnetonka, on the western end of the Twin Cities of Minnesota. Just about everything about this place is wonderful -- with the exception of the bathrooms off the dockside dining area.

These restrooms have recessed entrances. On the approach (pictured above), there's no indication that these are even restrooms, let alone which is the men's or women's. (The sign you see between the entrances says "Shoes Required / Glass on Wharf Deck".)

Round the corner, and one is greeted with the itty-bitty "men" or "women" sign found at a typical office supply store. The text is done in perhaps 90 point -- maybe 110 point -- san serif type.

The scale of this type and accompanying man or woman graphic would be ideal in a child's playhouse, but certainly not in a public place designed for grown-ups.

Can't even image this navigation after a drink or two in subdued evening light... this must cause some interesting, potentially embarrassing encounters.

My recommendation would be larger signage outside/above each entrance with another replacing the existing sign.

What "itty-bitty", unreadable signage have you seen?

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