Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Two Quotations for the New Economy

Two relevant quotations for today's economy...

The first is one I clipped about four years ago from an in-flight magazine -- this comes from Whole Foods founder, John Mackey:

"Business is simple. Management's job is to take care of employees. The employees' job is to take care of the customers. Happy customers take care of the shareholders. It's a virtuous circle."

The second (via Dan Pink) is from Matthew B. Crawford in a recent New York Times Magazine article, The Case for Working With Your Hands:

“An economy that is more entrepreneurial, less managerial, would be less subject to the kind of distortions that occur when corporate managers’ compensation is tied to the short-term profit of distant shareholders. For most entrepreneurs, profit is at once a more capacious and a more concrete thing than this. It is a calculation in which the intrinsic satisfactions of work count.”

Nothing more need be said.

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